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Software Development

The primary mission of the Software Engineering Division, the software development arm is to generate income through development of quality software products. To achieve such a mission the Software Development Department has the following strategy put into place.
  • Employing highly professional and dedicated staff
  • Using the best development Software
  • Deploying systematic Software Engineering Management
  • Providing the best support and services to the customer

Employing highly professional and dedicated staff:

The staff in this division has experience on the following software discipline:

  • Client/Server development project
  •  Highly graphical simulation project (Military)
  • Database development project
  • Hardware/Software integration
  • Web based applications
  • Mapping and GPS based applications

Using the best development Software:

The Software that we use for project development are:
  • Microsoft Visual Studio (VB and C#)
  • Java
  • Microsoft SQL 
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft Visual Basic

Providing the best support and services to the customer:

  • We work very close to the customer and listen to every single problem and requirement. This will enable us to developed a product that ‘fits perfectly in the customer’s hand'
  • If the requirement arise, we will co-develop a product with the customer
  • Meeting dateline- key to customer support
  • We provide documentation and on-site product training
  • Problem response time must be fast to prevent any disruption in the customer’s operation. This will instill customer’s confidence in us
With these strategies in motion, we strongly believe we are ready to take on any software development task.