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On Site & Offshore Software Support (Expats)

Microbumi welcomes you aboard to witness the impressing creativity and competence of its professionals who would be extremely happy to partner with you. Our unswerving, on-time delivery of cost-effective projects tops the standards in the industry and we make sure they surpass your expectations for which we instituted a simultaneous corralling system. Structurally, we have a framework in place that enabled us to attract and keep the best competencies available. We attend to every one of the needs of clients and they are a part of our teams, which allows them to monitor the entire process closely. Clients co-manage project schedules, business analysis, risk management, user-centered interactive development, testing, as well as application. Clients and end-users work together with Microbumi professionals in the process of building system architectures, prototypes, and design patterns. Microbumi matches these collaborative engagements through functional replication, extensions, and other man-hour intensive activities conveyed from its efficient delivery units. Microbumi makes full use of global time zone differences and labor varieties to shore up high-quality productivity. Microbumi structured its Technology Consulting Services in a way that helps clients to comfortably navigate the technical geography through standards-based system architecture definition and integration. 

The following are some of the crucial services we provide:

• Infrastructure Services

• Enterprise Resource Planning

• Enterprise Business Integration

• Enterprise Information Portals

Rapid changes and initiatives in information technology pose tough challenges to companies and their IT departments to keep up, especially if they completely depend on internal staff. Many CIOs, MIS directors, and technical managers have approached Microbumi for strategic, timely, and cost-effective skills. Microbumi enables companies to quickly respond to technology initiatives by providing skills and cost-effective management of resources. Microbumi’s highly efficient and carefully vetted professionals as well as consultants deliver IT resources quickly and efficiently. Microbumi’s dependable, creative, and committed IT professionals partner with you to launch your company to the next level, yet without the expenses, delay, or inconveniences of lengthy recruiting, screening, and assessment processes. Microbumi meets your requirements in a variety of areas and specialties.