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System and Network Integration Services

System and Network Integration is handled by the Systems and Network Integration Department (hereafter known as SNI). The SNI Department is responsible for the customer’s overall Systems Administration, Messaging Systems and Security Management.

The primary mission of the SNI Department is assist our customer to achieve greater control and manage­ability over IT environment and leave the customer to focus on its core business activities. Besides that, we are providing our expertise in the consultancy services and support to our customer in-order to deliver cost effective and high-impact IT solutions.

Our scopes of expertise are on the following service areas: -

• System Infrastructure and Architecture Design

• Messaging Systems

• Systems Management

• Databases

• Data Management

• Networking and Communications


Provides full-services on the networking solutions to the customers by utilizing the best technology available with the cost effective and reliable networking products.

Services Offered:

• Networking Architecture (LAN/WAN)

• Design & Planning

• Consultancy Services

• Network Cabling

• Integrations with other networking infrastructure