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In today’s globalize competitive environment, computer education has become a necessity for each busi­ness organization. A highly trained workforce is one of the critical success factors to be a successful busi­ness organization.

Ultimately, Training Division aims to provide the knowledge transfer and proper IT training process which, enable the customer’s to achieve greater control and manageability over their IT environment and leave the customer to focus on its core business activities with their IT literate staff. We believe that IT systems and application operations can be automated to a certain degree with the presence of the qualified staff in the organization. It is a simple vision and it is a goal that each organization striving to achieve. All organizations should constantly prepare and always updates their level of knowledge and “KNOW HOW” as technology keep moving rapidly without stop. It is no longer a luxury or a prerogative of the rich only. It is no more a ‘NICE TO HAVE’‘ issue.

Continuous training and retraining will assist the organization to attain the following benefits:

  • Increased Productivity and Efficiency
  • Increase Product Knowledge
  • Accelerated Technology Transfer
  • Increased Quality of Service
  • Enhanced Morale for the Workforce
  • Enhanced Competitive Edge

Its mission is ‘To help individuals or companies retain their competitiveness in utilizing Information Technology (IT) knowledge’.

This is achieved through our business philosophy of not only training but also providing guidance to achieve our customer’s goals.


Each training will enhance the students knowledge and skills in a specific courses to enable him / her to be more effective in today’s competitive Information Technologies environment. The practical training on the computers is aimed to assist the students to use the computer as an efficient tool for delivering the performance.


  • Upon completion of each training, Students should be able to:
  • Optimize technology features and return-on-investment
  • Enhance on-the-job performance
  • Sharpen their awareness of the changes in technology and enhance their ability to use them effectively
  • Develop ways to increase productivity and improve management effectiveness


All the training is highly interactive and practical. The training will consist of class lectures, discussions and exercises to reinforce the concepts to be learnt. The students will be devoted to using the computer so as to have a hands-on understanding of how technology can assist them in the modern world. The instructor will evaluate ach students at the end of the each training. This is to determine the knowledge of each student.


CLASSROOMS - There are 3 classrooms in-house and 5 more classrooms in strategic location. The classrooms are equipped with overhead projectors, slide projector or Television sets depending on customers requirement.

The classrooms can accommodate a minimum of 10 to maximum of 20 students. It is fully air-conditioned, using latest Microsoft Applications software and with Intel Pentium PCs.

INSTRUCTORS - We deliver hands-on training through professional, qualified instructors who are constantly re-tested and evaluated by every student to keep our quality of instruction at the highest level. To provide the best quality service, Microsmart has cultivated a team of Microsoft specialists Instructor who purely concentrates on Microsoft products. Most of them have gone through the vigorous certification process to maintain the high standard set by Microsoft. Their skills cover a wide range of Microsoft Applications Software, Microsoft Technologies such as Networking, Messaging, Database, Programming, and Web Technologies.


Our courseware is available in Bahasa Malaysia or English. We deliver systems, support and develop courses to computer professionals by using Microsoft Official Curriculum, Microsoft Approved course ware such as Microsoft Press Book.

Here's what you'll get from the course ware: 

  • Step-by-step format with screen shots to illustrate all the major concepts 
  • Exercises 
  • Four or eight hour lesson modules 
  • Tips, tricks, and shortcuts 
  • Previews, objectives, and reviews 
  • Study guides 
  • Quick reference guides 
  • Glossaries and indexes 


We focus exclusively on Microsoft high-end training and certification. We see these areas as complementary services. As an industry with a rapid development and short product life cycle, knowledge is critical for support and development. 

The courses integrate professional skill training to equip the students with most relevant knowledge and skill in information technology. The course structures are designed to map to the requirements of professional certification that have worldwide recognition.

1. Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) :

The Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) program provides the best method to prove your command of current Microsoft products and technologies. Microsoft, an industry leader in certification, is on the forefront of testing methodology. Our exams and corresponding certifications are developed to validate your mastery of critical competencies as you design and develop or implement and support solutions with Microsoft products and technologies. Computer professionals who become Microsoft Certified Professionals are recognized as experts and are sought after industry wide.

2. Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE):

For network professionals, Microsoft offers the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) credential. Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers are qualified to effectively plan, implement, maintain, and support information systems in a wide range of computing environments with Microsoft® Windows NT® Server and the Microsoft BackOffice™ integrated family of server products.

To become a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, you must pass a series of rigorous certification exams that provide a valid and reliable measure of technical proficiency and expertise. These exams are developed with the input of professionals in the industry and reflect how Microsoft products are used in organizations throughout the world. The exams are administered by an independent organization

4. Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) 

5. Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD)


A+ Certification provides you with an industry recognized, valued credential. It may open doors with prospective employers. Often employers will use certification as a stepping-stone for job advancement opportunities. 

Earning the A+ Certification is a confirmation that you have the ability to get the job done right. It means you have the knowledge, technical ability and customer service skills that are necessary for a successful computer service technician.

A+ Certification training will help you troubleshoot, install programs, use DOS & Windows applications, as well as master skills in formal problem solving. You will also gain the benefit of hardware knowledge such as CPUs, memory, storage media, modems, network interface cards (NICs) and peripherals. 


Studies have shown that learning from multiple media forms is the most efficient learning practice. This is why our CBT classrooms utilize one student-one computer learning stations to let you follow along with the instructor. You hear, see, and do. 

Many people do not have the luxury of attending classroom-style training. With our CBT training, learning can take place at a personal computer whenever there is time. All CBT courses can be taken in small increments over a period of hours or days.


There are hundreds of training course options, from Classroom Learning to CD-ROMs and Technical courses, with packages for every skill level and every budget. Following are some of the courses available.


Microsoft Windows  

Linux Red Hat


Microsoft Office

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Project


XML, PHP, ASP.NET, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax

Apache Web Server 


Macromedia Authorware  

Macromedia Dreamweaver  

Macromedia Freehand  

Macromedia Director   

Macromedia Flash  

Macromedia Fireworks  

Macromedia ColdFusion


Adobe Photoshop  

Adobe Illustrator   

Adobe Pagemaker  

Adobe Golive 

3D Studio Max


Hand On Pc Configuration & Troubleshooting

CISCO Networking – CCNA 

TCP/IP – Networks Protocol


Microsoft Windows  Server

Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft SQL Server 





Other Customized Training